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RALLY SPEAKER - Second speaker connects to Logitech Rally for clear, rich sound

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The Logitech Rally Speaker is a sophisticated audio accessory designed to provide superior sound quality and coverage for professional video conferencing and collaboration. Heres a comprehensive description of its features and capabilities:

High-Quality Audio: The Rally Speaker offers outstanding audio performance, delivering clear, natural sound that enhances communication during video conferences and meetings. It ensures that voices are heard with remarkable clarity.

Expansive Coverage: With a wide audio coverage range, the speaker ensures that every participant in the meeting room is well-audible. It eliminates the need for participants to huddle around a single microphone, making communication more comfortable and effective.

Modular Design: The Rally Speaker is designed to be modular, allowing users to place multiple speakers strategically throughout the room. This flexibility ensures that audio coverage is optimized for the rooms specific layout and the number of participants.

Echo Cancellation: The speaker incorporates advanced echo cancellation technology, which minimizes audio feedback and reverberation, ensuring distortion-free communication.

Intelligent Noise Suppression: It features intelligent noise suppression, which effectively filters out background noises such as typing, rustling papers, or other distractions, providing a more focused and productive meeting environment.

Daisy-Chaining: Rally Speaker supports daisy-chaining multiple speakers for streamlined installation and cable management, reducing clutter and simplifying setup.

Seamless Integration: The speaker is designed to seamlessly integrate with Logitechs Rally video conferencing system and other collaboration tools, ensuring compatibility and consistent performance.

Flexible Mounting: It offers versatile mounting options, allowing users to place it on a table or mount it on a wall or ceiling, depending on the rooms configuration and requirements.

User-Friendly Controls: The speaker comes with intuitive controls, making it easy for users to adjust audio settings and volume as needed.

Sleek Design: With a modern and unobtrusive design, the Rally Speaker complements the aesthetics of any conference room or meeting space, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Remote Management: IT administrators can remotely manage and configure Rally Speakers across multiple locations, ensuring consistent audio performance and ease of maintenance.

Expansion Options: Users can expand their audio setup by adding additional Rally Speakers or other Logitech accessories to create a comprehensive conferencing solution tailored to their needs.

In summary, the Logitech Rally Speaker is an essential audio accessory for the Rally video conferencing system, offering exceptional audio quality, extensive coverage, and intelligent noise suppression. Its modular design, compatibility, and advanced features make it a valuable tool for optimizing audio performance and enhancing communication in professional meeting environments.

Height: 103 mm
Width: 449 mm
Depth: 80 mm

Logitech Rally system with one speaker
Maximum speakers per system: 2

High-performance 76 mm driver with rare-earth magnet
Patent-pending suspension system eliminates vibration-induced camera shake and audio interference
Mini XLR cable connects to Rally Display Hub for both signal and power
Speaker volume 95 dB SPL @1 W, 100 dB SPL @7.5 W, both +/-2 dB at ½ meter
Distortion: 200 Hz–300 Hz <2.5%, 300 Hz–10 kHz < 1%@7.5 W
Speaker Sampling Rate: 48KHz

Rally Speaker with 2.95 m Mini XLR cable (supports customer-supplied extension cables up to 3 m

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