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Logitech Rally Plus: Ultimate Ultra-HD Video Conferencing Camera

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Experience unrivaled video quality and crystal-clear audio with Logitech Rally Plus. This premium conferencing solution is tailored for large and extra-large rooms, offering the ultimate Ultra-HD Conference Cam experience. Elevate your meetings with seamless integration and top-tier performance from Logitech Rally Plus.

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Logitech Rally Plus: Elevate Your Video Conferencing Experience

Upgrade your conference room setup with Logitech Rally Plus, the ultimate solution for professional video conferencing. Designed to deliver unparalleled audio and video quality, Rally Plus empowers teams to collaborate effectively, no matter where they are located.

Premium Design, Superior Performance

Crafted with precision and elegance, Rally Plus boasts a sleek matte black finish with slate gray accents, making it a stylish addition to any conference room. Each component of the Rally system is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional audio and video quality, ensuring crystal-clear communication with every call.

Advanced Camera Capabilities

Rally Camera features a 15x HD zoom, allowing users to capture every detail with stunning clarity. With a pan of 180° and tilt of 140°, Rally Camera offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring that every participant remains in frame throughout the meeting.

Enhanced Audio Performance

Rally Speaker delivers immersive sound quality, filling the room with rich, lifelike audio. Rally Mic Pod features four omnidirectional microphones forming eight acoustic beams, ensuring that every voice is heard loud and clear.

Intelligent Technologies for Seamless Meetings

Right sight technology auto-frames participants, ensuring that everyone is in view regardless of their distance from the camera. RightSound enhances vocal clarity by suppressing background noise and auto-leveling voices, creating a distraction-free meeting environment.

Easy Setup and Integration

With plug-and-play USB connectivity, Rally Plus can be set up in minutes, eliminating the need for complicated installation processes. Compatible with a wide range of video conferencing software, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts Meet, Rally Plus seamlessly integrates into any existing workflow.

Logitech Rally Plus Specifications

Rally Camera:

  - Zoom: 15x HD zoom (5x optical + 3x digital)
  - Pan: 180° (±90°)
  - Tilt: 140° (+50° / -90°)

Rally Speaker:

  - High-performance 3" (76mm) driver with rare-earth magnet
  - Speaker volume: 95dB SPL @1W, 100dB SPL @7.5W

Rally Mic Pod

  - Pickup Range: 15 ft (4.5 m) diameter
  - Recommended # of participants: Up to 46 with 7 Mic Pods

Rally Display Hub:

  - Height: 1.57 in (40 mm)
  - Width: 8.11 in (206 mm)
  - Depth: 7.0 in (179 mm)

Rally Table Hub:

  - Height: 1.57 in (40 mm)
  - Width: 6.93 in (176 mm)
  - Depth: 5.43 in (138 mm)

Logitech Rally Plus Compatibility

Operating Systems:

  - Windows 7, 8.1, or Windows 10
  - macOS®: 10.10 or higher
  - Chrome OS™

Compatible Software:

  - Logitech Rally
  - Zoom
  - Microsoft Teams
  - Google Hangouts Meet
  - And more

Elevate Your Video Conferencing Experience

Whether youre conducting a virtual team meeting or hosting a client presentation, Logitech Rally Plus is the ultimate conferencing solution for businesses of all sizes. With its premium design, advanced features, and seamless integration, Rally Plus empowers teams to collaborate effectively, no matter where they are located.

Dont miss out on the opportunity to elevate your video conferencing experience. Invest in Logitech Rally Plus today and revolutionize the way your team connects and collaborates.

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