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Samsung Odyssey G9 - 49" Curved QLED Monitor

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Stay ahead of the competition with the Samsung Odyssey G9's impressive 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. This ensures smooth, blur-free gameplay, giving you the speed and precision needed for high-stakes gaming. The monitor supports G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro, reducing screen tearing and stuttering for an uninterrupted gaming experience. With the Odyssey G9, you can dominate every game with confidence and clarity.

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Samsung Odyssey G9 49-Inch Super Ultra-Wide Curved Display


Take your gaming to the next level with the Samsung Odyssey G9’s cutting-edge 49-inch super ultra-wide curved QLED display. Designed to match the curve of the human eye, this 1000R curvature monitor provides maximum immersion and minimal eye strain. With a DQHD resolution of 5120 x 1440, the Odyssey G9 offers the screen space of two 27-inch panels combined, giving you a commanding view of the battlefield and a competitive edge in every game.


Experience your games as they were meant to be seen with Samsungs HDR1000 and Quantum Dot technology. These advanced features bring unrivaled depth and detail to every scene, delivering vibrant colors and stunning contrasts. Whether youre navigating dark dungeons or exploring bright, expansive worlds, the Odyssey G9 ensures every detail is vivid and lifelike. Customize your gaming setup with distinct core color customizations, allowing your monitor to seamlessly blend with your gaming rig.


Samsung Odyssey G9 Specifications and Dimensions


  • Screen Size: 49 inches
  • Resolution: DQHD 5120 x 1440 pixels
  • Curvature: 1000R
  • Display Technology: QLED
  • Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Response Time: 1 millisecond
  • Hardware Interface: DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0
  • Total USB Ports: 4
  • Dimensions without Stand: 45.18” W x 14.31” H x 11.46” D
  • Dimensions with Stand: 45.18” W x 21.15” H x 16.39” D
  • Weight without Stand: 31.1 lbs.
  • Power Cable Length: 1.5 meters


Additional Information About the Samsung Odyssey G9


What is the Samsung Odyssey?

The Samsung Odyssey G9 is a high-performance gaming monitor designed to provide an immersive gaming experience with its ultra-wide curved display and advanced display technologies like Quantum Dot and HDR1000.


Is Samsung Odyssey a Smart TV?

No, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is not a smart TV. It is specifically designed as a gaming monitor with features optimized for gaming performance and visual quality.


Is Samsung Odyssey Good for Programming? 

While primarily designed for gaming, the Samsung Odyssey G9s high resolution, color accuracy (thanks to Quantum Dot technology), and large screen size make it suitable for programming tasks that benefit from a spacious and detailed display.


Does Samsung Odyssey Have Speakers?

No, the Samsung Odyssey G9 does not have built-in speakers. It is designed to be used with external sound systems or headphones for audio output.

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