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Yealink MVC S90: Microsoft Teams Rooms for ProAV & Large Rooms

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The Yealink MVC S90 system features two UVC86 dual-eye intelligent cameras that deliver unparalleled video quality. These cameras intelligently track speakers and adjust the view to ensure every participant is visible and engaged. Whether you’re hosting a large team meeting or a client presentation, the superior video resolution and smart tracking capabilities will impress and engage your audience. The system also includes the VCR20 remote control and power adapter, making it easy to manage and customize your settings.

  • 24 Month(s) Warranty

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Revolutionize Your Conference Room Experience with Yealink MVC S90


Transform Your Meetings with Cutting-Edge Technology


Elevate your professional AV rooms with the Native Microsoft Teams Rooms system, specifically designed for ProAV environments. The Yealink MVC S90 is an advanced system, ideal for extra-large conference rooms, ensuring your meetings are transformed by crystal-clear communication and seamless integration. This system includes the MCore Pro, MTouch Plus, and AVHub, providing an unmatched conferencing experience. Dual UVC86 intelligent cameras capture every detail with precision, guaranteeing that no one is left out of the conversation.


Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface


Experience effortless setup and operation with the MCore Pro and MTouch Plus. The MCore Pro serves as the central hub, efficiently managing all devices and connections. The MTouch Plus offers an intuitive touch screen interface, making it easy to control meetings, adjust settings, and access Microsoft Teams. The AVHub ensures that all your audiovisual needs are met seamlessly, enabling a smooth and productive meeting experience every time.


Yealink MVC S90 Specifications


  • System: Native Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Ideal for: Extra-large conference rooms
  • Camera: 2x UVC86 dual-eye intelligent cameras
  • Control: VCR20 remote control
  • Power: Power adapter included
  • Components: MCore Pro, MTouch Plus, AVHub

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