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Yealink MeetingBar A30 All-In-One video conferencing system with (CTP 18 Touch Panel & WPP30) for Medium Rooms

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Leading Platform Collaboration Bar for medium rooms

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The Yealink MeetingBar A30 is the centerpiece of your virtual conference room, offering crystal-clear audio and high-definition video to ensure every participant feels like theyre in the same room. With its sleek and modern design, the MeetingBar A30 adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace.

Paired with the Yealink CTP (Content Touch Panel) and WPP30 (Wireless Presentation Pod), this bundle takes collaboration to the next level. The CTP allows for easy content sharing and annotation, making presentations more interactive and engaging. Meanwhile, the WPP30 enables seamless wireless screen mirroring, so participants can share their screens with just a few clicks.

1. Ultra-HD 4K camera for crystal-clear video
2. Advanced microphone array for exceptional audio quality
3. Android-based operating system for seamless integration with third-party apps
4. Plug-and-play setup for hassle-free installation
5. Compatibility with leading video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more
6. Intuitive touchscreen interface for effortless control

Whether youre hosting a small team meeting or a large conference, the Yealink MeetingBar A30 with CTP & WPP30 ensures every participant can collaborate effectively and efficiently. Upgrade your virtual meetings today with this all-in-one solution from Yealink.

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