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Yealink RoomPanel Plus Microsoft Teams: 10-inch Scheduling Panel

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The Yealink RoomPanel Plus enhances meeting efficiency with its 10-inch scheduling panel and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Its modern design and versatile mounting options make it an ideal choice for optimizing workspace productivity.

  • 24 Month(s) Warranty

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Yealink RoomPanel Plus Product Description


Streamline Your Meetings with the Yealink RoomPanel Plus

Enhance your meeting room efficiency with the Yealink RoomPanel Plus, designed for Microsoft Teams integration. This 10-inch scheduling panel ensures seamless scheduling and management of meetings, optimizing your workplace productivity.


Modern Design with Versatile Mounting Options

The RoomPanel Plus features a sleek white design and includes versatile mounting options such as a 20° tilt mount bracket, flush mount bracket for walls or glass, and a mullion mount bracket for door or window frames. Whether mounted on a wall or integrated into glass surfaces, it blends seamlessly into any office environment.


Comprehensive Installation Kit and Warranty

The package includes everything you need for installation: 1x Yealink RoomPanel Plus, a power adapter, 3M tape, a screwdriver, and brackets for various mounting options. Additionally, benefit from a 2-year hardware warranty for peace of mind.


Yealink RoomPanel Plus Specifications

  • Device: Yealink RoomPanel Plus
  • Integration: Microsoft Teams
  • Display: 10-inch scheduling panel


Yealink RoomPanel Plus Accessories:

    • 1x Power Adapter
    • 20° tilt mount bracket
    • Flush mount bracket
    • Mullion mount bracket
    • 3M tape and a screwdriver


Warranty: 2-year hardware warranty

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